The MAN User’s Group (MUG) is a forum of independent member diesel generator power plants, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and other power industry representatives formed for the exchange of technical information and proactive resolution of generic issues relating to the installation, operation, testing, and maintenance of MAN Model 48/60 diesel engines. The MUG Charter was signed in 2002 by seven original member plants from Central America and the Caribbean areas.

The MUG has as its primary goal the increased reliability and improved performance for the MAN Model 48/60 diesel engines at their power plants. The MUG is established to identify, evaluate and resolve generic engineering, operational and maintenance issues related to MAN Model 48/60 diesel engines. In 2009, several power plants operating MAN Model 32/40 diesel engines joined the MUG. The MUG is a voluntary, unincorporated association, assumes no financial, technical, licensing, or legal responsibility for, and has no power to bind the Member companies.

Access to the MUG Website


Access to certain parts of the MUG Member website is restricted to MUG members and those given permission to use those parts of the website in support of members. A User ID and Password are required to access those parts (See FAQ).